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1.    alternative and preferable self-publishing for authors here,
2.   the explanation of migraine here and its natural, proven - and patented - remedy, in four languages,
3.   a means of possible cancer prevention and/or cure here, also in four languages -

- you don't believe it? - just look and see - plus other such fascinating things to follow, plus beer-kit sales to the Spanish market here, and with access to Justice International, all in the left margin - AND, if that were not enough
4.   in the main page, a superb new offer of two virtual books in particular here, one detailing the incredible, most atrocious and most secret crime in the world, with its solution and alternative: the prescription for immediate, practicable Utopia - yes, now! - and the other, an introduction to complete English for Spanish- and other Latin-speaking students and for all those English who have been denied access to their own language of late - with, at the moment, a SPECIAL OFFER! here!


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